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Acoholics Anonymous' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Acoholics Anonymous

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[07 Aug 2005|05:30pm]

I got requests for me to post the stories. :3

Since I'm too lazy to post idividual links, I'll just post this one. It's my FFnet page, so go there if you're interested. The two stories are I Miss You (shounen-ai warning) which is about Bartholomew and his lover, and Speed of Sound which is Raoul's tale.

Oh, and the fact that Raoul is a monk in the story and a battle priest in RO is going to be solved at the end of the story. You'll see.

Enjoy. :D
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[05 Aug 2005|12:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

This community is dead. :D But I don't care. I joined. :D :D :D

I am a Ragnarok Online addict and I play acos. A bit TOO much.

I even wrote fanfiction about my darlings, but I'll only post them if I get requests.

My main acolytes are now priests on most servers I play, and their names are Bartholomew and Raoul. :3 Raoul used to be a monk but I deleted him and restarted because...frankly...I like healers better.

Raoul is a battle priest and Bartholomew is an FS (full-suport). I love them both dearly. :3

Like I said, if you're interested in their respective stories, lemme know and I'll post the links~

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RO acos [21 Aug 2004|02:56am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Awrighty I've been thinking about this for a while and I guess this is the right place to talk about it (maybe...) Anywho, I'm assume that a bunch of you probably play RO, so here's my thing.

I've been debating making an aco chara. However, I've never been big on the whole magic thing, which has been part of why I'm reluctant - after all acos are big on healing and stuff like that, right? But I've heard good things about "battle acos" and that the Monk job is a really good balance of magic and kicking ass. Howver, I have no idea how to make a good battle aco, or a pre-monk aco. Sooo I figured, perhaps some of you guys might know. And if not, you could point me in some direction. Or if you have recipes you could share.


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[21 Aug 2004|01:24am]

[ mood | desperate! ]

This community will LIVE! I declare it will live! Someone post aco porn or something plz ;_; SOMETHING

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Hello! [18 Feb 2004|08:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I play iRO a lot..

And I have a preistess, who I love to little peices. X3

Not much to say, just wanted to give a shout out to those who love the Acolytes..becuase they're one of my favorite game-types out there.

I noticed on the list below this post..that there was a mentioning of Elena?


That's so awesome. XD

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Some Examples of Acolyte/Priest/Cleric etc characters [01 Feb 2004|12:43am]

This is more for reference than anything else. I'm kind of braindead, so if you have any suggestions by all means give them XD I will, as time goes on, hopefully provide links to pictures of all these characters.

Healers and white mages can count, but they have to pretty much dedicate themselves to it entirely (not 'part time healers' like Garnet). Also, it's preferred that they have some sort of association with a religion that they dedicate themselves to. Religious characters don't necessarily have to be healers at all (Rosette and Bridget are good examples), but they can still count.

.hack [anime/game/manga series]
-Wavemaster character class

Chrno Crusade [anime/manga]

Final Fantasy VII [PSX RPG]

Final Fantasy X [PS2 RPG]

Fushigi Yuugi [anime/manga]

Grandia II [DC RPG]

Guilty Gear XX [Arcade/PS2 fighting game]

Magical Drop III [Arcade/NeoGeo puzzle game]

Record of Lodoss War [anime/manga]

Ragnarok Online [computer MMORPG]
-Acolyte and Priest character classes

Xenogears [PSX RPG]

Subject to edit at any time...
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A little bit off topic, but... [31 Jan 2004|07:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Buddhist monks and nuns? I always want to talk to them when I see them, but I'm too shy. I mean saying, "Hi, there. I think Buddhism is a really cool religion and I really respect your devotion. Plus you look really cool with your shaved head and yellow robe o.o" might scare them off just a little. And if I just said, "hi," and had nothing to follow it up with, that might be awkward. Long story short, I want to marry a Buddhist monk or nun but you know, that would sort of get in the way of nirvana and all so I'll just stick with admiring them for afar XD I'm not crazy, I swear.

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[29 Jan 2004|06:31pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I love Vrumugun.
He counts, right? RIGHT?

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yes, it's time for a break, mike. [29 Jan 2004|08:52am]

[ mood | amused ]

mike's away message.

You know its time for a break when:

You get angry that your food doesn't bounce around and annouce itself.

You pine for Elk.

You threaten to sodomize dumb wavemasters when they don't follow orders.

Then you do.

Wander around in 1st person mode just to see Elk.

Activly hoard Aromatic Grass to atract a certain wavemaster.

.......but mostly its the food.

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Hey all [27 Jan 2004|10:30pm]

[ mood | weird ]

I created this community out of pure insanity. I'm Marysia, your resident acoholic (GWAHAHAHA).

I have.. absolutely nothing intelligent to say. >_>; Except that I love acolytes, perhaps a bit too much. ~_^

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